What’s New These Days

So I’m thinking of doing a weekly post of what’s new…what’s new with OVS, what’s new in ERP technology, what’s new in mobile, Etc.  Essentially an interesting view into many top categories that are all pertinent to uspace this space.  Lets get started….

First off, our new UI looks incredible.  The blue gradient, new icons, and overhaul of the user interaction is much improved over what was already considered pretty darn good.  Our Benefits Module is really powerful and supports complete open enrollment processes with workflow and reporting.  Next, we are adding the W4 tax details self-service function to our HTML5 suite.  We are revving new mobile apps.  Lots to do and SO much more to cover!

We are building a new employee search that will lead the space.  Add to that a new org hierarchy view that is configurable, and you have one of the best people location and match up capabilities around.  (We already have skills matching)

Next we delve into personnel life cycle actions and introduce the mother of all….new hire.  Add in a refresh of employee transfer, basic pay/comp changes and bonus payments and we have a very strong MSS package that can be leveraged by day to admin central HR admins.

All of this in SharePoint…yes, even in SP 2013….and all optimized for 7 or 10.1 inch tablets AND mobile responsive!  HTML5 mobile, hybrids, and native all remain on the roadmap.

Next week I will dig into upcoming features and comment more about trends, and maybe in terms of our roadmap and vision.  Think outside of HCM, and look ahead to the cloud….

If you are going to be at the SharePoint Intelligence Conference on October 4, come by our booth.  And yes we will be at the big Microsoft SharePoint Conference in November.  Viva Las Vegas!


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