Business Intelligence for ERP

With Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence, your organization can gain valuable insight into your ERP data and help predict changes before they happen.

Organizations often struggle to make changes fast enough to react to changing business conditions. Interestingly enough, changes in the business climate are often already evident within ERP data, but the organization may not have the tools to quickly analyze the details and “see” new opportunities. Many companies simply have no means to sift through all of the transactional data in their ERP systems. The business intelligence (BI) tool market is growing very quickly to respond to this need.

Business Intelligence equals agility: the agility to make changes to your business to improve efficiency, profits and more. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ a way for companies to regain that agility.


Affordable Business Intelligence

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence is a very powerful – yet affordable – business intelligence solution for ERP systems. Our system utilizes SharePoint as the front end, and can even be deployed to mobile devices.

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence offers simplicity and a corresponding low cost. Because Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence leverages what is already present and available in the SQL Server Toolset, it’s simple and inexpensive to deploy, configure and maintain.

Best of all, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence works with the existing BI solution and ERP systems you already have. Plus, if you already have SAP Business Object-based reports, you can easily display those in SharePoint as well.


A Solid Foundation

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence includes integrated SQL BI capabilities, and it builds on the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ middle tier and RESTful API layer. With a flexible DTS package framework, you can easily extract data from SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, or a SQL database using standard SQL BI tools. Data extracts can be scheduled to run at regular intervals to populate defined data cubes for data sets such as HR, Sales, Logistics, and Finance.

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ uses native SQL BI analysis service capabilities to extract and load the data cubes in a SQL database that is installed as part of Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence. The SQL BI reporting service is then used to create standard dashboard views, which include scorecards, KPIs, and analytical charts. All data views support drill down capabilities and can be exported to Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel or Word.

Perhaps the most powerful feature of Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Business Intelligence is how BI dashboards can be integrated seamlessly into SharePoint, alongside the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ line-of-business transactional web components or other standard SharePoint content. Additionally, dashboard views can pull data from other SharePoint sources, such as lists and other unstructured sources like Excel spreadsheets, and be combined with LOB system data into a federated BI dashboard.


Sample Enterprise Cloud Connect™ BI Charts