Customer Case Study – NPL Construction Company

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ with locations all over the country, NPL Construction Company has been a recognized leader in the natural gas industry for over 40 years. In addition to gas pipeline construction, NPL now offers a full line of distribution infrastructure services in markets throughout the United States for electric, fiber, telecom, cable TV and other utilities.  NPL employs over 4000 people nationwide.

Business Challenges

As the vast majority of their employees are working at job sites across the country, communication of pay related information to their workforce was a costly challenge.  NPL was spending more than $130,000 annually in printing and delivery of paper paystubs to employees.  In addition, throughout the year, NPL HR team personnel were overwhelmed with requests for reprints of past paystubs.

In addition to paystubs, W-2 tax forms were also a burden. Their payroll team had to also consider ad-hoc employee requests for tax information from previous years.  Keeping up with reissue requests was very time consuming.

SAP and SharePoint

All of NPL’s pay related data is in SAP.  SAP is the primary LOB system for NPL for various corporate functions, including financials, human resources, materials management, sales, and more.

NPL had been using SharePoint 2007 as their corporate intranet portal platform, as well as for document management and collaboration. NPL was on the cusp of upgrading to SharePoint 2010 when we began to discuss with them the possibilities of integrating SAP to their SharePoint 2010 environments.

The Solution

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ deployed the compensation module web parts on to NPL’s SharePoint 2010 site, allowing employees to search for and view their paystubs or W-2 tax forms.  We also assisted them with porting their existing intranet designs to a new master page and layouts for SharePoint 2010.  In addition, we made the paystub data available via an HTML5 mobile web application that is integrated to the same components installed on their SharePoint environment.

Employee paystub data and W-2 tax form data previously housed only within SAP are now integrated to their SharePoint 2010 intranet and extranet environments.  Employees could now use their smartphones to look up a paystub.  None of this data was available to the employee previously.  Some scenarios that employees can now do:

  • Quickly print their last 3 paystubs and last W-2 in order to complete a home loan or refinancing paperwork without going to corporate HR, which could take several days, or searching through records at home
  • While checking his or her bank balances, verify their earnings deposit amount by logging into a SharePoint site or checking on their smartphone
  • Research company payroll processes and policies, while also being able to see their actual pay data all within a SharePoint 2010 site

HR department personnel can now utilize the same tool within SharePoint to research and print compensation documents for department use, or for employees who do not have access to a computer or phone

The deployment of the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ web parts in SharePoint 2010, together with a deployment of a mobile web app, effectively eliminated the need for manually printing and mailing paystubs and W-2 forms, both current and reprints, to the thousands of employees at NPL.  This saves the NPL organization countless hours of taking in requests, printing, mailing, and other related coordination.  The cost savings was enormous from the perspective of saved person hours, printing, mailing, and expensive paper.  Significant precious resource time has been freed up that can now be allocated to other more important human capital management tasks.


By deploying Enterprise Cloud Connect™, NPL achieved a number of important benefits:

  • Improved productivity by eliminating hours of manual printing and mailing of paystub and W-2 documents
  • By using SharePoint 2010 workflow, elimination of manual workflow to take requests for paystub or W-2 reprints
  • Tremendous employee satisfaction from being able to get compensation information easily and quickly using an easy-to-use SharePoint UI without having to contact corporate HR
  • Great convenience of being able to look at a past paystub or W-2 form for a previous tax year
  • Corporate IT and HR department solution collaboration and delivery is a big success; shows agility
  • Reduces dependency upon difficult-to-use LOB system to gather requested information

Over a 3-year period, NPL will realize an astounding 350% ROI on their investment.

More Information

To learn more about the solution that Enterprise Cloud Connect™ deployed for NPL, and how we can do the same for your business, contact us.