Manager Self Service Redefined

Managers everywhere should get excited.  In fact, all ERP users should get excited.

There are many solutions in the market today that provide basic employee self service transactions in web UI’s or mobile solutions.  The technology is out there with new offerings being released all the time.  But infrequent, casual employee transactions are just the tip of the ice berg.  OVS has been offering these basic transactions successfully for years, but we did not stop at that.

The real value is in simplifying complex, every day transactions that make up the key functions within enterprise computing.  And at OVS, we are way ahead of the game.

We’ve been working hard on some very exciting stuff.   Very soon, OVS will release a new set of solutions that will provide the key capabilities that managers really need.   The new solution features are not limited to just being able to see one’s direct reports, or simple one-level approvals, but move into areas like personnel actions, being able to look at any document attached to any transaction, view any report, or review and approve any workflow item.

Work off-line.  Anytime, anywhere.  Integrate to Microsoft Office.  And it goes beyond just HR transactions.  Procurement, supply chain, production planning, finance, and more.  If it’s in your core ERP, OVS has got you covered.  We like to think of it as enterprise software , as it should be.

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.


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