HTML5: What are your options?

With the release of SAP Fiori and more HTML5 in the HR Renewal update, there sure seems to be a lot of new options for SAP ESS that all involve HTML5, the new web development platform standard.  Why is that?  Well, simple; there are 2 reasons.  One: HTML5 will run on any current browser on any device, essentially.  Two: An HTML5 app can easily be ported into a mobile hybrid application, wherein it acts and breathes a lot like a native app.

Sounds great, so what’s the rub?  To figure out if the HTML5 is right for your organization, consider asking the following questions:

  • What are the steps required including all prerequisites to install and get your solution up and running?
  • Can we adjust the look and feel?  Can we brand the site(s)?  If so, does it require development or can it be done thru configuration?
  • How can we manage the SAP meta data within the app?  Can we limit values in drop downs, or intelligently filter the values?  If so, does it require development or can it be done thru configuration?
  • On which browser versions was your solution QA tested?
  • On which specific mobile devices was your solution QA tested?
  • How do we add business logic or validations? If so, what is involved?
  • Can I integrate the application to the various leading workflow solutions?
  • What licenses are required to use your HTML5 solution, and what is the cost of these licenses?

These are some of the main questions that should really help you to hone in on a solution that makes sense for your organization.  As OVS has been saying all along, mobility is here and affecting your computing decisions today.  The acceptance of HTML5 as the new web standard by enterprise software giants like SAP and Microsoft indicates  that a new enterprise mobile application roadmap taking shape, and you now have a unique opportunity to influence it.  The enterprise must get started right away, but first you definitely want to read the fine print.  Let us help you through the journey.

OVS can provide you with expertise needed to make sense of it all, formulate a strategy, deliver a POC, and give your users the mobile solutions they desire while reducing your overall TCO.  Call us today and let’s talk.




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