Connecting Line of Business Systems to SharePoint and Mobile Apps!

After the decision to implement ERP software into your organization has been made and you’ve experienced the benefits of that investment, it’s important to look for additional performance efficiencies and functional capabilities. Surfacing ERP data and transactions within leading technologies such as SharePoint and smart phone platforms can provide some of the strongest return on investment to end users, IT organization, and shared services of any focused IT project.

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Solution Diagram


Improving process efficiency and reducing costs

Enterprise Cloud Connect™® delivers off the shelf Microsoft® SharePoint® web parts, mobile applications for iPhone, iPad & Android, as well as an HTML5 application suite that surfaces and combines various ERP transactions and data. These products provide flexible and easy-to-use methods for achieving fast and effective self-service for a variety of business processes that are mastered within ERP instances. By dramatically reducing the number of clicks, pages and support calls required to manage personal and work information, your company will achieve greater productivity and satisfaction. By combining Enterprise Cloud Connect™ web parts with standard web parts side-by side, dashboards can be easily created, thereby creating a consistent user experience. With Enterprise Cloud Connect™, you don’t have to incur huge costs associated with system modification or proprietary portal solutions.

You can customize the UI and application behavior of Enterprise Cloud Connect™ via a SharePoint-based administrative console.  Additionally, our web parts can be deployed to any site collection using the master page and layout of your choice.  Want to apply a custom design?  No problem – all Enterprise Cloud Connect™ UI design elements are CSS controlled!

Employee Dashboard

Employees use your secure, password-protected intranet dashboard to easily update personal information, submit scheduling requests, control bank deposits, manage family benefits and more. Intuitively built, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is designed around how people work.

Manager Dashboard

Manager dashboards provide convenient access to productivity controls such as approvals of orders, time worked, expense reports, salary changes and transfer requests, and more. With Enterprise Cloud Connect™, ERP process integration is made simple.

Achieve the following benefits with Enterprise Cloud Connect™:

  • Powerful and secure self-service capability
  • Fast integration without custom development
  • Reduced training effort for transactions
  • Immediate productivity gains
  • Reduced shared service support calls
  • No need to create or install additional portals
  • In-house system maintenance efficiencies
  • Substantial ROI organization-wide

Use Microsoft SharePoint® and your enterprise mobile platform to leverage the power of ERP software

  • Employee and manager self-service interaction with any ERP becomes a familiar, simple and user-friendly process.
  • Using web parts that are easily customized and reused within any of your secure intranet sites, you can make even the most complex processes more intuitive and efficient.
  • SharePoint roles, governance and taxonomy allow for a multi-input design—your IT department can designate page areas for your team to embed content, such as policy, without requiring special development effort or expense.
  • You can achieve a truly unified corporate portal strategy, without having to hire specialty resources for development, configuration or administration.
  • Improving team productivity and dramatically reducing ERP integration costs provides your organization with an immediate and remarkable return on investment.

Rapid deployment of Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is standard

If you’re already using a standard ERP and also have SharePoint 2013, 2010, or 2007, you can start realizing the benefits of Enterprise Cloud Connect™ within 30 days.  We can even deploy on SharePoint Foundation.

The Enterprise Cloud Connect™ gateway server also supports fast integration to mobile devices in the enterprise. Secure, reliable and extensible, it allows access to ERP data and business processes while maintaining the system of record. There is no duplication of data, and Enterprise Cloud Connect™ leverages your organization’s ERP configuration, rules and workflow.

Let us demonstrate the substantial return on investment you can achieve with Enterprise Cloud Connect™

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