Compensation Management

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Compensation Management assists your organization by offering employees an easy-to-use self-service portal and mobile applications for viewing and updating data related to their compensation.

With Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Compensation Management, it is possible to deliver a full-range of compensation functionality to employees – such as viewing and printing paystubs and W2s, changing tax withholding (W4) information, viewing compensation history and pay scale information, and more – without any custom development! Simply add the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ web parts to your SharePoint portal or deploy our mobile application. Your employees will immediately have access to these benefits.

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ makes it easy to integrate your current ERP system with SharePoint and mobile. With a scalable web service platform that works with SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and more, you can surface important business data and processes when and where users need them. Your employees can access Enterprise Cloud Connect™ from SharePoint, ASP.NET and mobile applications, or you can build your own custom interface on top of our REST API.

Self-Service Compensation Management Delivered

Our powerful features include:

  • View and print your last paystub
  • View and print your W2 forms for the tax year
  • View and change tax withholding (W4) information
  • See compensation history and pay scale/grade information
  • Uses a certified, real-time integration to your existing ERP system, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and more
  • Enforces business rules from your ERP system to ensure compliance with company policy
  • Integrates with your existing SharePoint portal with no custom code required
  • Available as a mobile web app, or native mobile application
  • Offers a cutting edge, user-friendly UI designed specifically for your compensation needs and processes