Employee Self Service

Using Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Self-service suite, employees can use either their browsers or their mobile devices to make simple updates to their personal details.

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ connects your HR system of record to Office365 or SharePoint and smart phones. With this solution, your employees can:


  • Update their home address or any address type
  • Update their work address details or work site contact information
  • Update their emergency contact information
  • Change their bank account details for direct deposit
  • Add an additional bank account for direct deposit
  • Verify their name, marital status, date of birth or any other display-only data, according to business rules or ERP configuration
  • Add or update a nickname or known as name
  • Add or update family member/dependent details, such as a child, spouse, or parent

These transactions are now available within SharePoint or Office365, conveniently located on your portal with all related documents, links, text, including policy, procedures, training videos and more. Now, employees can access important HR information and make updates all in one place.

HR functions can be arranged within a single landing page, providing a one-stop shop for employees for making important updates. All UI elements are CSS controlled and customized. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ also provides native self-service personnel administration applications.

It is intuitive to update or add a new bank account for direct deposit. When bank master data is stored in your ERP system, the search and selection experience becomes even easier.

Business Benefits

  • Empower your employees to manage their basic data.
  • Improve data accuracy.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of HR data related requests submitted to the HR department.
  • Save money by deploying an off the shelf solution with no development required.
  • Get the user experience you want by applying any style you desire; Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is completely customizable.