A Fresh Approach to Manager Self-Service

Give your managers the capabilities they need to direct employees and manage resources more efficiently with Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Manager Self-Service.

Managers can view data and perform transactions quickly and easily within SharePoint or via a smartphone. This allows them to make better, smarter decisions while building and developing your workforce for future success.

  • Approve, review or delegate any workflow item
  • Find employees with specific skills, by location and more
  • Hire, transfer, or update compensation for an employee
  • Analyze data and make decisions in real time regardless of location
  • Receive notifications by email or native phone alerts
  • Works right out of the box

Use the delivered UI, or you can make customizations using standard CSS; this enables you to select the look and feel you desire.


The Manager’s Dashboard

In SharePoint, a dashboard can easily be created using any number of components providing various capabilities such as viewing employee details, workflow task approvals, reports and more. Policies, procedures, and other specific documentation can also be made available from within the dashboard.


View and Manage your Organization

Managers can find any employee in their organization and drill down into various details such as skills and qualifications, position history, performance appraisals, salary history and more. The manager can then take action and complete tasks such as adjusting employee pay, approving leave requests and transferring employees.

It’s now simple and streamlined to move an employee from one position to another. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Manager Self-Service uses a simple form with actual drop down values populated from the ERP system; updates are made in real time.


Simplified Reporting

Within SharePoint or via smartphone, managers can view simple reports showing current data for either a single employee or for a team.


Approvals via Mobile Devices: Anywhere, Anytime

Managers can approve employee working time, purchase orders, leave requests or expenses, and they can do it all from a smart phone, anywhere, anytime. Managers will conveniently receive notification of tasks via phone alerts or email. In addition to iOS and Android native apps for MSS, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ provides an HTML5 version of all mobile MSS functions. That means that with just simple access to a browser on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, any manager can complete approvals, view reports or easily manage their organization.


Features and Benefits

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Manager Functionality Includes:

  • Approve or reject any workflow item, from ERP workflow containers, such as SAP, or SharePoint workflow
  • Approve work time in bulk, or for a single employee
  • View my organization
  • Universal Work List (UWL) view
  • View workflow inbox details
  • View workflow tasks
  • Employee transfer
  • Employee hire/pre-hire
  • Work time approval
  • Leave of absence approval
  • Position and job reports
  • Time data reports
  • Skills match lookup



Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Manager Self-Service solutions will deliver tremendous value to your organization. You’ll greatly reduce the cost of running your business with benefits such as:

  • Improved speed of manager processes and procedures
  • Management of all aspects of employee data through a simple and quick process
  • Immediately view any issues with employee records
  • The ability for supervisors to quickly evaluate employee performance
  • Increased ability to comply with policy, labor law and procedures
  • Views into recruitment information and open positions
  • Quick completion and review of employee performance