Benefits Administration and Open Enrollment

With Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Benefits Administration, your organization can offer employees an easy way to view and change benefits. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ integrates seamlessly with the ERP system you already use. Right from their web browser, employees can do everything from view and change benefits selections to perform open enrollment. The solution provides full integration with ERP benefits master data systems, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and more.


Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Benefits Administration provides an easy-to-use interface that has been built to benefit business processes. This powerful and user-friendly solution always keeps user experience firmly in mind, Employees can review their beneficiaries and dependents conveniently from the new Enterprise Cloud Connect™ benefits landing page. From there, they can view their current benefits selections, start the open enrollment process, make updates due to life changes or events, or review a cost summary. This page is fully customizable through standard SharePoint tools, making it a perfect fit for your HR portal experience.


Open Enrollment Made Easy

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Benefits Administration also includes a step-by-step, process driven experience that guides employees through enrollment for the new benefits term. The process begins with a review of the current benefit selections; the employee starts with the enrollment process with a simple check box experience to determine which benefit types will be needed in the new term for the employee and his or her dependents. At this point, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Benefits Administration walks the employee through the process of making benefit plan selections for medical, dental, savings plan, 401K, insurances and more.


Outcomes depend upon what is configured for open for enrollment in the ERP system. All benefits plan eligibility and business rules from the ERP system are enforced. Through this means, your organization can rest assured that the employee’s enrollment will be accurate in accordance with company policy. During the enrollment process, SharePoint facilitates review of the policy, benefits plan information and other helpful content.


Once the enrollment process has been completed, the employee can review all plan selections in a helpful summary view that includes all selections made, dependents covered, as well as employee and employer paid costs. Finally, a benefits summary can be printed, exported into a PDF or emailed directly to the employee or a plan administrator.


Keeping the Wallet in Mind

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ also allows the employee the ability to monitor what he or she is paying for a specific benefit plan or option, as well as summary of all benefit payouts. The employee can also see what the employer-paid portion is for each benefit selection. This functionality encourages a better understanding of the value the employer is providing via offering specific benefits.


Supporting Your Employees Through Work/Life Changes

Your employees go through various life events which may require them to change or updated their benefits selections. If there is qualified event configured in the ERP system, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ can support these changes in a simple way, using the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ powerful user experience, resulting in less stress for employees. Now, family status changes, adding a dependent to coverages, or a change of organization/benefits area can be simple and painless.