Enterprise Cloud Connect™® SharePoint web components allow you to maximize your investment in SAP while minimizing the amount of time your employees spend manually processing self-service requests. We designed the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ suite to be easy to use so that any employee, regardless of his or her skillset, can view, change and update personnel data. No training is required. Our web parts can easily be deployed as part of the standard web part gallery for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013. The Enterprise Cloud Connect™ web components can be used to create a unified, and consistent portal experience for employees and managers, bringing ERP transactions and data together with other content sources, branded and presented using the latest UI and UX capabilities.


A complete set of web parts


The Enterprise Cloud Connect™ web parts offer a complete set of ERP functionality, including the following:


Personal Administration

  • My Information
  • Personal Detail
  • Permanent Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • Family Members
  • Education
  • Qualification
  • Previous Work Experience


Time Management

  • Time Entry
  • Leave Request
  • View Absence Quota
  • Time Report
  • Clock In/Out
  • Absence Report
  • PTO Balance
  • My Schedule
  • Quick Time Entry



  • Time Data
  • Time Quota/Leave Balances
  • Compensation Summary
  • Positions
  • Jobs

  • Paystub History
  • Remuneration Statements
  • Bank Detail
  • Tax Withholding (W-4)
  • W-2


Dashboard Components

  • Organization View
  • UWL View and Approval
  • My Inbox
  • My Information
  • My Tasks
  • Skills Match Lookup


Order to Cash

  • Maintain Sales Order
  • Maintain Purchase Order
  • Maintain Material
  • Maintain Customers
  • Check Availability
  • Track Material
  • Track Invoice
  • Track Shipment
  • Track Customer

  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Benefits Overview
  • Dependents
  • Benefits Cost



  • My Organization
  • Universal Approvals
  • Employee Profile
  • Team Schedule
  • Approve Hours
  • Approve Leave Request
  • Approve Relocations
  • Approve Bonus
  • Approve Pay Change
  • Approve Sales Order
  • Approve Purchase Order
  • Approve Expenses
  • Pay Bonus
  • Change Pay
  • Transfer Employee
  • Hire New Employee
  • Delegation
  • Bulk Approvals
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
Countries Currently Supported

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Great Britain
  • Norway
  • Australia


Technology Foundation

  • Administration Console
  • Automated implementation for SAP RFC/BAPI and RFM
  • Standard SharePoint Integration and Administration


Unleash the Power of Your ERP System


With Enterprise Cloud Connect™, employee and manager self-service interaction with your ERP system becomes a familiar, simple and user-friendly process. Using web parts that are easily customized and reused within any of your secure intranet sites, you can make even the most complex processes more intuitive and efficient. SharePoint roles, governance and taxonomy allow for a multi-input design. Your IT department can designate page areas for your team to embed content, such as policy, without requiring special development effort or expense. You can even achieve a truly unified corporate portal strategy, without having to hire specialty resources for development, configuration or administration. Improving team productivity and dramatically reducing ERP integration costs provides your organization with an immediate and remarkable return on investment.


True Self-Service Solutions for ERP and SharePoint Without Coding


Enterprise Cloud Connect™® delivers custom Microsoft® SharePoint® web parts referencing your ERP system data. Best of all, your organization can be up and running quickly, without expensive custom development. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ web parts can be integrated into any standard SharePoint portal-landing page, giving users a reason to keep coming back. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ helps to bring “stickiness” to the site, which is critical to the success of any portal implementation.

Manager dashboards provide convenient access to productivity controls, such as approvals of time worked, expense reports, salary changes and transfer requests, as well as vital business metrics. With Enterprise Cloud Connect™, ERP process integration is made simple by using drag-and-drop web parts in SharePoint. Managers can access their tasks and items from the universal work list from your ERP system’s workflow or SharePoint workflow. Employees can use your secure, password-protected intranet dashboard to easily manage family benefits, update personal information, submit scheduling requests, control bank deposits and more. Intuitively built, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is designed around how people work.


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