Salesforce in Office365


With Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Sales Suite Apps

  • Enterprises can maximize their investments by allowing the employees to have one view into sales world and manages the complexity of Salesforce, SAP CRM, MS Dynamics while providing clean and consistent interface.
  • Make sales team more productive by maintain the Salesforce opportunities, contacts, leads, campaigns, accounts, cases and contracts within Ofice365 without logging into Salesforce.
  • Sales team can access the Sales Suite Apps anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • Managers can approve the requests quickly & easily on mobile device.

Sales team can get valuable information about a contact. Get recent social media buzz, professional profiles, mergers, for potential buyer.




Sales users can maintain contacts and verify whether a number is registered with federal DNC list or not in real-time.


Sales users can switch the view to other language with single click.