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With Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Mobile Applications for iOS and Android, your users get the power and functionality of your ERP system on the mobile device they carry every day. Now, your mobile workforce can complete important tasks without being tied to a desk or computer. Your organization gains increased ROI from your existing ERP system, and your users gain increased satisfaction.

Your workforce can use the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Mobile Apps to perform the following tasks:

Personnel Administration

  • Personal Details
  • Addresses
  • Work Details
  • Family/Dependents
  • Bank Details
  • My Information (iPad only)

Time & Attendance

  • Time Entry
  • Time Approval
  • Paid Time Off Balance
  • Leave Request (PTO)
  • Leave Approval


  • Paystub
  • Compensation History

Mobile Matters

Today, users are demanding access to important business applications while they’re on the go. Further, they expect the same great user experience from enterprise applications that they get from other applications on their smart phones.

Unfortunately for many organizations, there is no mobile solution available for even the most basic functions like time entry and approval. Where a mobile solution exists, it is often hard to use, difficult to maintain, and suffers from low user satisfaction.

IT needs a way to offer a great experience for a broad set of functions, on a diverse set of mobile devices, and in a cost-effective way.

A Great Experience: No Code Required

The Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Mobile Applications enable your organization to offer a great mobile experience for critical HR business functions with no custom development. Just deploy the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Mobile Apps to your users, and start realizing the benefits immediately. In many cases, organizations can complete deployment in just 30 days.

Best of all, your organization can deploy apps for the devices your users already have, including iPhone, iPad, and most Android devices. For other devices, including BlackBerry and Windows Phone, check out our HTML5 mobile web applications.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to start realizing the benefits of mobile access to your ERP system, let’s chat. We’ll help you understand your options and get moving on your deployment project. Contact us to learn more.