Real-time DNC Compliance – Integrated with your CRM


  • Real-time DNC Compliance – Integrated with your CRM
  • Telemarketer’s and sellers can be fined up to $16000 for calling a number that is register with DNC: We Help you maintain the DNC compliance by masking entries in your CRM in real time.
  • Boost efficiency of Sales and Marketing Teams by using Enterprise Cloud Connect™’s Office 365 sales suite.
  • We integrate leading CRM solutions with functionality such as Sales Insights, DNC, and CRM Enrichment.
  • Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Sales Suite Apps for Office365 maintains Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, and Accounts in Office365 pulling from CRM systems such as (SAP, SalesForce, Dynamics).
  • Our cloud-based apps can be implemented anywhere, including call centers, marketing automation platforms, and sales applications (such as or SAP C4C).


Verify whether a contact is DNC or Not