Employee Self Service [DRAFT]

My Information

Employee can use this app to view their personnel detail.


Employee can use this app to maintain their Addresses. Supported subtypes are Permanent Address, Mailing Address, Emergency Address, and Foreign Address.


My Profile

Employee can use this app to view their organizational detail & Personnel detail.

Bank Accounts

Employee can use this app to maintain their bank account information. This bank detail is used to pay the remuneration and other expenses.


Emergency Contact

Employee can use this app to maintain their emergency contacts.

Family Dependents

Employee can use this app to maintain their family members and dependents. Employee can view, add and edit spouse, child, parents and other dependents information in easy to use UI.



Employee can use this easy to use app to search and print the paystubs for last 10+ years. No need for HR to print and mail the paystubs manually. Employee can also export the paystubs in the form of PDF based forms and print.


Tax-withholdings (W-4)

Employee can use this web or mobile app to maintain their W-4 (Tax with holing information) for federal or states tax withholding. Employee can change Filing Status, Number of Exemption, Additional Withholding and Tax Exemption Indicator.

Absence Report

Employee can use this app to view and print the absence report.


Employees can view their PTO (Paid Time Off) balances using this app. Employee can also apply for the leaver request.



Enterprise Cloud Connect™ W2 apps improved productivity by eliminating hours of manual printing and mailing of paystub and W-2 documents

This app will eliminate manual workflow to take requests for paystub or W-2 reprints & employee satisfaction is tremendous from being able to get compensation information easily and quickly using an easy-to-use UI.


Time Entry

Entering working hours using mobile or desktop application is very common requirements for self service solutions. Employee can use this app to submit their hours with or without approval. Hours can be entered against a project or order or any other object. Hours can be entered in both online or offline mode on mobile devices.

Supervisors can use Enterprise Cloud Connect™ time entry app to enter the crew hours in fields or in office.

Clock In/Out

Employees can use this app for posting the clock in and clock out timings. This app can also be used to correct the wrongly entered entries.

Leave Request

Employee can use this app to apply for leave request using mobile or desktops. Manager has to approve or reject the leave request. Employee can view the PTO balances in the same view.


Time Report

Employee can use this app to view and print the attendance report.


Other apps which are available are

Education, Work History, Qualifications, Medical Info, My Tasks, Company Instructions, Objects & Loans, Contract Elements, Power of Attorney and many more….