Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Announces Release of New W-2 Tax Form Self-Service Solution for SAP® and Microsoft® SharePoint®

Enterprise Cloud Connect™®, a leading software company that specializes in integrating ERP systems to Microsoft SharePoint® and mobile applications, announced this morning the release of their new W-2 Tax Form self-service solution for SAP. With this new solution, employees can view, download, and print their W-2 form for a given year, as long as their tax data exists in the SAP system, using SharePoint. The new W-2 module is part of the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Suite, which is an SAP Certified Solution.

Today, companies must estimate the number of reprints needed by all of their business units and purchase costly tax forms to meet the needs of employees. Payroll organizations must also consider employee requests for tax information from previous years. Keeping up with reissue requests is time consuming.

“In addition to filing taxes, employees need copies of their W-2 forms for other needs, such as buying or refinancing a home,” says Chris Medina, Director of Product Management at Enterprise Cloud Connect™. “Now any employee can print a W-2 without having to contact their HR service or payroll department.”

With 2012 quickly coming to an end, many companies are indeed looking for a solution to streamline their W-2 distribution process. In fact, Enterprise Cloud Connect™ has already deployed the new W-2 solution to NPL Construction, one of the largest pipeline construction companies in the country with over 4,000 employees.

The W-2 solution for SharePoint is the latest addition to Enterprise Cloud Connect™’ compensation offering. In addition to W-2, the Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Compensation module provides employee self-service solutions for paystubs, basic pay, and compensation history. In addition to SharePoint, mobile apps versions are also available including HTML5 and native apps for iOS and Android. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ also offer solutions for personnel administration, benefits, time management, order management, and more.

OVS LLC® is a Kirkland, Washington based software company that provides solutions that allow customers to maximize their investment in enterprise software such as SharePoint®, SAP®, salesforce.com®, Oracle® and mobile applications. OVS LLC is an SAP Partner and Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is an SAP Certified Solution. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ was recently selected by Microsoft as a Business Critical SharePoint Partner.

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