Time Management Solutions for SharePoint and Mobile for SAP

Time Entry and Management

Watch a short video demonstrating our time entry solution!

With Enterprise Cloud Connect™ Time Management, your employees and managers can finally intuitively manage their work time information with ease and confidence. By using a customizable UI coupled with your SAP backend system, your organization can now provide the highest levels of user experience achievable.

Some of the features include:

  • Capture actual start and end times to support your non-exempt employees
  • Enter hours worked with all details of the work schedule within one view
  • Look ahead at the work schedule detail by week or by month
  • Enter time daily on a weekly, biweekly, per pay period basis, or define your own view
  • Allow an employee to request a shift substitution
  • Ability for a manager to approve time worked for all, or by employee
  • Managers can utilize reports out of the box such as Time Worked, Absence and Time Approval
  • Allow a manager to approve a leave request via SharePoint or a mobile application
  • Allow an employee to report time worked on a job or order using their mobile device
  • Record time worked against any number of standard cost objects supported by SAP such as WBS element, network, receiving order, and more.
  • Allow employees to review their leave balances while entering time or requesting an absence
  • View the work list, copy the previous period’s time data, or export the time data to Excel
  • Solutions available for SharePoint, ASP.NET, iOS, Android, or HTML5 applications

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