SAPPHIRE 2013 Promotion from Enterprise Cloud Connect™!

Leave Request - mobile

Leave Request – mobile

PTO/Leave Request and Approvals for SharePoint and Mobile

  • ESS – PTO/Leave Request App for SharePoint and Mobile (HTML5)

  • MSS – PTO/Leave Request – Manager Approval – SharePoint and Mobile (HTML5)

  • Universal Work List (UWL)  – Review, Approve or Reject – for SharePoint and Mobile (HTML5)

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Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. Provide PTO/Leave Request and Approvals, including Universal Work List (UWL) to your organization for only $79,999.00.
  2. This promotional offering may be combined with other Enterprise Cloud Connect™ promotions or incentives, subject to approval by Enterprise Cloud Connect™.
  3. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ will provide Enterprise Cloud Connect™ production licenses and deployment services for unlimited users for selected promotional functions.
  4. Limited to the first 5 organizations who sign all required agreements including a master services agreement(MSA), promotional license agreement(PLA), and a statement of work(SOW).
  5. All agreements must be signed by June 30, 2013.
  6. Client will provide all prerequisite software licenses including but not limited to SAP and SharePoint.
  7. Client will perform all necessary administration and configuration of non-Enterprise Cloud Connect™ or prerequisite software as needed to support promotional solution installation and deployment.
  8. Client will provide all required access to SAP and SharePoint systems for purposes of installation and configuration of promotional software components.
  9. Client will be responsible for actual business travel expenses, if travel is required.
  10. Client will provide security design, framework, user administration for purposes of deploying SSO or compliance with client corporate/enterprise security standards.
  11. Workflow engine/platform is limited to SAP Workflow.
  12. Client is responsible for all SAP workflow configuration and support; Enterprise Cloud Connect™ will integrate to workflow scenarios subject to Enterprise Cloud Connect™ discretion.
  13. Approval experience is limited to Accept, Reject, and Comments for a given workflow item.  Additional user experience or capabilities may require additional fees.
  14. Deployment platforms limited to SharePoint/Web and Mobile web(HTML5).
  15. Native android and iOS mobile apps available but are not included in this promotional offering.
  16. Details of deployment requirements will be included in the Statement of Work(SOW).
  17. Other limitations and conditions will be considered in good faith on a case-by-case basis with the client(s).


Leave Request Form

Leave Request Form


UWL View

UWL View


Leave approval - mobile

Leave approval – mobile