SmarTek21 Announces My One View Suite

KIRKLAND, Wash. – July 24, 2010 – SmarTek21 today announced it has released a new product called My One View Suite, or Enterprise Cloud Connect™. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is the productization of acclaimed work done for Fortune 500 clients by SmarTek21 Consulting and provides a user interface to Enterprise Resource Planning systems using Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Microsoft SharePoint implementations are commonly used by large enterprises to extend the usability of their complex ERP systems with easy to use browser-based interfaces. By taking these best practices and productizing them, SmarTek21 enables customers to dramatically improve time to value in ERP implementations such as Human Resources, Accounting, and Supply Chain Management.

ERP user interfaces can have dozens of difficult to find user interfaces, client software, and require rigorous training to meet the needs of age and training diverse workforces. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ on Microsoft SharePoint is deployed on one website using the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel. The result is a solution that allows for employee self-service for ERP functions ranging from Time-Off Requests to monitoring supply chain issues. Self-service solutions have provided SmarTek21 clients up to 70% reduction in support calls to the help-desk by employees.

“We’ve taken the best practices from our solution work with enterprise customers and turned them into a product that extends the usability of ERP systems to the end user,” said John Michael Gross, President of Enterprise Cloud Connect™, a SmarTek21 company. “By productizing best practices from existing clients, we are able to provide equal benefits to new clients at a reduced cost and on a swifter timetable.”

One View Suite delivers on the promise of Enterprise Resource Planning, providing end user self-service without need for help desk intervention and empowering employees of any age or technical skill level to work on ERP tasks any time and from anywhere. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ requires no client software deployment, minimizing IT management overhead, and enabling companies to concentrate their IT resources on areas that most directly impact their business, such as driving innovation, building organizational efficiencies, and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Enterprise customers are acting to reap the benefits of One View Suite. Their response has validated our belief that best practices adopted at our client sites can be extended for use at other enterprises,” said Al Lalji, CEO of SmarTek21. “Solutions like OVS will avoid the pain of acquiring new client software, training, or ramping up in-house technical expertise.”

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